Boy with Cancer Receives Anonymous Gifts


dylan_fullIn the last 14 months, more than a dozen mystery packages have arrived for a 6-year old boy diagnosed with cancer and, often, for his three siblings and
parents. “They frequently appeared after Dylan’s really bad days and tough chemotherapy treatments”, said Laurie Full, Dylan’s mother.

Packages show up outside their Illinois home, sometimes arriving when the family was inside the house, but never with any trace of the source’s identity, other than the signature “Dylan’s Secret Pal”.

The first, a gift card for Oberweis ice cream, arrived in an envelope. The card wished the family well during a challenging time. Dylan’s mother thought it was a nice gesture, one among many thoughtful gifts and food that had been delivered by family and friends since the boy was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor.

However, the series of anonymous gifts didn’t end there. Dylan’s mother appreciates these efforts and says, “I always tell people it’s like the sun on a dark day”. The mystery person never misses to send holiday gifts. There was a haunted house cookie kit on Halloween and Santa brought Christmas presents for Dylan and his siblings. There were gifts for the parents as well.

“It is a constant source of happiness. This person, whoever it is, probably has no idea the joy that they brought to Dylan and our entire family”, says Laurie Full.


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