Billionaire Opens Mental Health Clinics to Treat Veterans


Cohen Veterans Network(CVN) is a privately funded network of mental health clinics. The clinics provide healthcare services to post 9/11-veterans and their families. They offer their services to all veterans despite their discharge status. This means that even the ones ineligible for healthcare services will be taken care of.

The clinic will also provide same-day care for those having mental-health crises. Veterans whose needs aren’t urgent will have a guaranteed first appointment within a week of contacting the clinic. Guido, vice-president of communications and marketing for CVN, said that CVN has recently started accepting Tricare insurance as well.

CVN is entirely supported by Steven A. Cohen who pledged $275 million to build the network. Cohen has opened 12 clinics so far and plans on continuing with the same. The clinics are in major towns and cities and they help in combating PTSD in post 9/11-veterans.

“Every day, many veterans and their families are living with the mental and physical scars from serving their country during military service. The Cohen Veterans Network, a not-for-profit philanthropic organization, was created to serve them by providing high-quality, accessible, and integrated mental health care,” the CVN website states.

The first clinic opened in April 2016 and others subsequently followed. Services are free for those without insurance. The new clinic hopes to serve 500 to 1,000 patients in its first year. Cohen is showing the world that despite having it all, one can still be a beacon of light in the society. Cheers to CVN! #Rewordit


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