Ruuj Caflon; innovator of the Multi-functional LED Hoody. Credit/tuko

It’s here, the first of its kind, the Multi-functional LED Hoody. It’s amazing how young minds are trying their best to solve challenges that they themselves face. Youths are continually using their innovative skills to solve social, economic and environmental challenges.

Ruuj Caflon is a student at Kenyatta University in his second year pursuing a degree in electrical engineering. He is the mastermind behind the amazing Multi-functional LED Hoody. Besides being a student, he repairs mobile phones too.

He found his inspiration when suddenly lights blacked out in the night as he was trying to finish with an assignment. It got him thinking, “What if lights went out and I still needed to attend to my clients, what would I do?” He came up with the idea of making a cloth which turned out to be a hoodie with some lights on it so that he could use in his workshop. He didn’t think of it as a business prospect.

Ruuj Caflon making the Multi-functional LED Hoody on the right and the finished one on the left. Credit/Kenyan News.

One day, a client of his saw him wearing his innovative hoody and got dazed. She offered him a business proposal so she would help him sell it. A grand idea; he nailed two birds with one stone. He gets to continue with his work even if lights go out and he could make money out of it. We know too well the importance of money at University.

He made the amazing Multi-functional Led Hoodies with features such as:

  • Temperature regulation where you can adjust the temperature to your desired level.
  • Has reflector/flashing lights which can help prevent night accidents as they light up from a distance of 2km.
  • It can charge up to five mobile phones.
  • And the icing on the cake, it’s washable!

In his words, he has a special gift for someone special – Mr. President Uhuru Kenyatta, whom he loves so much. According to Caflon, the president’s gift is special because it will enhance his safety thanks to the additional inbuilt metal detective features. Let’s hope Mr. President collects his Multi-functional LED Hoody.

The next time you plan to go hiking, camping or on a road trip, Ruuj Caflon’s Multi-functional LED Hoodie might as well come in handy. And that’s innovation at its best solving common challenges. #Rewordit


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