Benefits of Eating Bitter Leaf – a Divine Gift from Mother Nature

The Bitter Leaf that does the body good


Nature is full of goodies! In my early years, I loved walking down to the Source of The Nile and the most intriguing aspect of that was the flora and fauna all the way to the source. Birds singing in the air and the refreshing smell of the fresh waters was breathtaking! Often was I sent to pick Vernonia Amygdalina; the famous Bitter Leaf! Ask me why? It was for numerous reasons that the rest of the world is now picking up.

Bitter Leaf, a famous delicacy in Africa, has been super beneficial to generations. Our forefathers lived such a healthy life, had a healthy diet and lived a long life full of strength as opposed to today’s lifestyle. I have the privilege to bring you one of their secrets; Bitter Leaf! It is a vegetable that grows all over the world and is strong enough to grow throughout the year. It doesn’t lose its nutritional value even when you store it dried! Isn’t that awesome?

Just recently, an American company – Nature Herbal Life realized the medicinal value of Bitter Leaf and are now producing it in capsules! That is very thoughtful of them to bring it closer to everybody else unlike me who finds it just about anywhere around me! Think about it; the things that are so sweet and tantalizing to the tongue are the ones that are actually harmful to our health. On the other hand, the ones that are considered unappealing are the healthy ones! Yes, like its name, it is bitter but the benefits are surely worth enjoying, I wouldn’t say enduring the bitterness, but whichever way you choose to take it!

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The leaves are usually sliced or crushed and eaten as a soup. At times ground/blended to extract the juice – not much of my favorite except when necessary. Bitter Leaf has been scientifically proven to contain Kalium, Magnesium, Zinc, and Iron. It’s 33.3% Protein and 10% Healthy fat and contains a high level of antioxidants. The entire plant is medicinal. Where I come from, it has numerous benefits including treating stomach upsets, malaria, typhoid, wounds, cold, and relieving fever.

According to a study by University of Texas and The February 2008 Journal of vascular health and risk management, bitter Leaf is an Ayurvedic medicine.

  • It prevents cancer, arthritis, and high blood pressure, prevents and reverses diabetes, reduces bad cholesterol and prevents heart attacks.
  • Bitter leaf cleanses the lymph and blocks out toxic pollutants from cigarettes.
  • It treats toothaches
  • Prevents appendicitis
  • Treats inflammation of the ears
  • Treats respiratory tract infections
  • Prevents kidney stones
  • Cleans the gastrointestinal tract
  • Improves the body’s immunity against infections by boosting the production of white blood cells in the body.
  • Treats skin infections such as sores, psoriasis, scabies, itching, and it is also effective in prevention and elimination of acne.

This is truly a divine gift from Mother Nature and now is the time for you too to make use of it and enjoy the benefits thereof.

However, you know the saying, ‘too much of anything is bad.’ Take it in the right amounts i.e. not more than 3 cups of its extracted juice and not more than 100g of the leaf itself in a day. But to be honest, we mix it with our foods like 4/7 days a week! Fortunately, it has never been too much! Train your tongue sensors to appreciate all these funny tastes because they surely are life savers given the fact that we are almost unsure of the sources of the food we buy from the shelves! Remember, ‘Prevention is better than cure!’ #Rewordit


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