People march during a protest against femicides and violence against women, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. REUTERS/Marcos Brindicci

In Argentina, femicide has been a common inhumane attack on women. Women are killed by men simply because of their gender as confirmed by the rights group, La Casa del Encuentro. Brisa Barrionuevo, 5, is one of the 2,100 children in Argentina who lost their mothers to femicide. Her father beat her mother to death and dumped her body in a river four years ago.

Argentina has set an example for Latin America to follow enacting a law named after her and by giving financial support to such orphans. “We can’t have children in a state of helplessness,” said Ada Beatriz Rico, head of the local women’s advocacy group which campaigned for the “Brisa Law”, which was passed this month and is expected to come into force later this year.

“The law is not only going to protect a child’s material well-being but also their physical and mental health,” she added. One woman is killed every 30 hours in Argentina, according to La Casa del Encuentro, with violence driven by Latin America’s “macho” culture where men believe that a woman is his property and that he can do to her whatever he pleases even to the extent of killing her.

Kathleen Taylor, a gender violence expert with the United Nations noted that femicide rates in the region are “alarming and rising.” Countries such as El Salvador, Mexico, and Colombia in Latin America have passed laws in recent years that define and punish femicide as a specific crime.

When this law comes into effect, guardians of the femicide orphaned children in Argentina will receive $300 a month from the government until the child reaches the age of 21. The orphans will also receive free health care and psychological support. Brazil is following Uruguay’s example and we hope that other countries will follow suit.

It’s time to stop this violence because the children will always need both their parents. We as parents set the exemplary life that our children learn from and will exhibit in their leadership tomorrow. Just like Argentina, rise above femicide today.#Rewordit


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