An Ill Teenager Raises £1.6 million as Part of His Charity Fundraising


After setting out to reach his bucket list goal of raising money for charity before dying, a terminally ill teenager was able to raise over £1.6 million for Teenage Cancer Trust.

Stephen Sutton, 19, at the age of 15 was diagnosed with bowel cancer, and although he had surgeries and drug treatments, the cancer ended up spreading to the point of no return.

Sutton gathered a to-do-list that he’d achieve before passing away 15 months ago, hoping to raise £10,000 for Teenager Cancer Trust as a preferred item.

He’s been able to knock off most of the listed items, but mentions that he has redirected his focus towards helping others, saying:
Teenager Raises £1.6 million

“The main thing I want to do is help others- any help supporting my fundraising efforts for Teenage Cancer Trust would be hugely appreciated! :)”

Since then, he’s been able to raise £1 million for the charity as his story and positive intentions began to spread. On April 22, Sutton posted a message on Facebook he considered to be his last, as the cancer continued to degenerate his body. He had no clue that he’d live to see his £1 million goal reached, saying:

“It’s a final thumbs up from me! I’ve done well to blag things as well as I have up till now, but unfortunately I think this is just one hurdle too far.”

However, donations continued rise, breaking £1 million, later on, £1.5 million, with Sutton continuing to push forward to see his goal surpassed, as he posted earlier today:

“Hi everyone, it’s Stephen here- still here and still fighting!!! Throughout the whole journey I’ve been realistic about my position and at my last post I genuinely thought I was a goner…. But hey, I’m still here!!”

“I am still in a very vulnerable position. I am very limited in what I can do and am still permanently hooked up to oxygen. But I am in high spirits and blessed to have so much love and support around me. To get to see the million pound fundraising target being reached was just phenomenal!”


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