An Education New Start With Southwest London Recovery College


Education plays an important role in obtaining the opportunities in the workforce. The higher the education rate of a country, the higher their economic growth. While college is open to all, sometimes our circumstances may prevent us from following this path due to our financial standings or mental conditions. Today, there are several universities and colleges that provide education programs that help the needy. One such college is The Recovery College. This college is set up in Southwark by St. Mungo’s charity. It is an innovative college for homeless people in London and is a first of its kind in the country. It has attracted hundreds of individuals who had always dreamt of earning an education to bring positive change in their lives. This college is provides courses which improve practical skills and help reconstruct confidence. There are no entry requirements, no charges, and students help design and deliver courses. These range from helping with literacy and music, to raising self-esteem. The courses are brilliantly and thoughtfully designed to help those going through rough times. With courses such as first aid, overdoes awareness, and the tools to surviving on a low budget helps the needy breathe fresh air, providing them an opportunity at a new start.

It was first launched and experimented in autumn 2012 and offered almost 40 different courses around Personal Development, Creativity, Health and Well-being and getting active. The courses are open to St. Mungo’s clients, staff and volunteers, delivered by a mix of staff and clients. Now in their second term, the college is offering around 60 courses. Some of these courses are offered with the Guildhall School of Music. Students enthusiastic about learning more are referred to other colleges such as Ruskin College, Oxford, and City Lit in London. The second term noted the enrollment of 395 students so to date. Topics that are offered help cultivate skill such as peer recovery-collegemonitoring, boosting confidence, assertiveness, Learning to play the guitar, bicycle maintenance, painting in water color, math, literacy, and life skills like budgeting more effectively.

What sets the Recovery College apart is that students are supported emotionally and are taught things they can actually make a living from. Many people, who have experienced homelessness and were finding it hard to earn their livelihood, got a ray of hope from Recovery College. This college is truly about a second chance in redefining the lives of those that need it most.

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