An Adorable 2-Month-Old Baby Says ‘I Love You’


You can say “I love you” in many ways, but when a 2-month-old baby says it, it is really impressive. A baby girl manages to repeat the words after her father, and when she says it, her mother records the moment and uploads it to YouTube afterwards. Obviously the video went viral, having almost 2 million views. After Stephanie Passalacqua, the mother, uploaded the video it shows the baby sitting on her father’s lap, trying to mimic all of his words, as Stephanie says in the description of the video. While it is true that some of the viewers don’t believe that the words are spoken by the baby, the facts remain recorded and it is obvious that the little baby says “I love you” after few trials.

mother_and_baby_touching_handsAnd if you are thinking about it, most babies of her age only gurgle, but little Passalacqua (if that’s her real name) would mimic all the words of her father. When the father realizes this, he decides to teach his daughter the most beautiful words in the world. During this “process” the baby is continuously looking in her father’s eyes and tries to utter the words. After few attempts, the little baby says “I love you” the closest way possible to our language, probably closer than anyone of her age. The pretty little girl was thrilled during these moments, and as mentioned before, she made efforts to imitate, in her own adorable way everything the grown-up said. As her father kept saying “I love you”, the baby did whatever she could to mimic him and finally, like a good student, she managed to utter the words in an impressive, baby-like way.

It is very touching to see the entire process, the baby’s attitude, her smile, as well as her combination of gurgles and words, her attempts of repeating what her father wanted and the final success: words resembling very much with “I love you” burst forth from her mouth. It is probably the youngest human been that has spoken these words and that is why the video posted by Stephanie Passalacqua is so successful.


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