Amazing! Student Makes Kenya’s First Solar-Powered Car

Kenya's first solar-powered car on the road. Photo Credit: The Star

Finally, it’s here, Kenya’s first solar-powered car made by a Kitale student! This big milestone has gotten Kenyans excited. Africa is the ‘Land of Sunshine’ and Samuel Karumbo, a student at Kitale Polytechnic pursuing a diploma in Electrical Installation takes pride in that by using this natural gift to amaze Kenya with his great innovation; a solar-powered car! Read more on renewable energy on

The car weighs approximately 120 kilograms and has three solar panels with a 260 Watts energy capacity installed on it. These solar panels collect the rays from the sun, convert them into electronic energy which is stored in the batteries and in turn, the energy from the battery is used to drive the wheel. It also has a motor which acts as a power generator that stores energy for later use. This pilot car can cover a distance of approximately 50 kilometers a day.

“I want to use the car to create awareness and reach out to people to adopt clean energy to protect the environment,” said Samuel.

The humble Kitale town in Western Kenya, famously known as the ‘Green Basket’ is proud of Samuel Karumbo! He is also being applauded by Kenyans on different platforms and I think the world at large congratulates him on his successful innovation.

The made in Kenya solar-powered car is gearing towards achieving 0% pollution in the country. We all know that environmental management and clean energy is a key global interest today. People are realizing the fact that our health is co-related to the environment we are exposed to. It is a great inspiration to see young men like Samuel Karumbo joining the movement for clean energy.


With a bit of technological help, advise, and financial support, we might be having more efficient solar-powered vehicles on the market and trending on forbes list of innovations. So, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, you have a great mind. Put it to work! Yes, we can achieve clean energy with 0% pollution if we all do our part! #Rewordit.


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