After Losing Their Daughter In a Tragic Ski Accident, Parents Are Able to Hear Her Heart Beat


Taylor, only 13-years old, was the only daughter of Tara Storch. Taylor was not only Tara’s daughter, but also her best friend. Little did the Storches know, their lives would forever change. It all took place back in March of 2010, towards the end of the Storthes’ skiing vacation. Approaching the end of the trip at Beaver Creek Resort in Colorado, the family went for a final run down the slope in which Taylor would stumble backwards into a tree. After only a day, doctors would later break the news: Taylor was brain dead.

After being asked by doctors if Taylor’s organs could be donated, the Storches wasted no time in assenting. “Taylor was a giving, wonderful person, and I looked at Tara, and we knew exactly that’s what Taylor would do,” Todd told Vieira. “She was so giving, and that choice was very, very easy.”

In the meantime, Patricia Winters was counting her last days. She had been dealing with cardiomyopathy for about five years, a condition that had deteriorated to the point that she’d sleep 18 hours a day, unable to tend to her two young sons. “I felt like I wasn’t going to last too long,” Winters, of Arizona, said.

It was because of this very organ donation, Taylor Storch’s heart, donated by the Storch family that enabled a successful transplant to take place. Although the donation was confidential, the Winters were well aware of who the heart belonged to. “A friend of [husband Joe] had sent over the article from Colorado stating that a 13-year-old girl had died in a ski accident and a 39-year-old Arizona woman received her heart, so I put two and two together.”

The video above shows the two families come together for the first time six months after the incident took place. It depicts a story of tragedy and loss, transformed into hope and gain.

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