Adopted Teen Goes Back to Thank the Woman Who Made it Possible



Gloria Campos is an anchor at WFAA who just spent her last week at the news station amidst a good number of surprises. One of the most special surprises was the visit of Ke’onte Cook, one of the boys Campos did a feature on during her weekly segment called “Wednesday’s Child”. In the segment Campos featured children in foster care in hopes of getting adopted. To date in Campos’s 25 year career at WFAA she has featured 350 children from which 75 percent have found adoptive families.

Ke’onte was eight years old when he was featured in the segment, and had mastered the Golden Rule, “Treat people the way you want to be treated,” were his words. He was adopted right after but unfortunately the adoption failed and Ke’onte had to move from home to home. Two years later Campos featured him again on “Wednesday’s Child” in hopes that this time things would turn out different. Carol and Scott Cook happened to be seeing the segment and say that they immediately knew that Ke’onte was their son. “I’d like to say ‘thank you’ for putting him on the second time, because not only did you bring us the child that God wanted us to have — and we wouldn’t have seen him otherwise — but you’ve also helped him touch millions by him being able to talk about his story,” Carol added.

Ke’onte then came by WFAA’s studio to personally thank Campos, who was completely surprised and overwhelmed. Campos kept hugging Ke’onte telling him that she was so happy that he was happy. It was a heartwarming emotional that had unfolded. From once being on mind-altering medication in his foster care against which he spoke in front of Congress with the support of his parents,  Ke’onte is now a healthy young man,  a runner, avid hiker, and a great dancer. “I want to say to her thank you so much, because you’ve made my life worthwhile and you’ve helped me become the person that I am right now,” he said. “I probably would have been worse off had you not helped me out.”



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