Actor Ken Jeong Jumps Off the Stage to Assist a Spectator in Trouble


Actor and comedian Ken Jeong is more than what we see, he is also a licensed physician in the state of California. Recently, he has had occasion to use his expertise to help a die-hard fan of his. Though he no longer practices as he gave up his medical career for acting, Jeong was compassionate enough to help out.

In the middle of his performance at the stand Up Live Comedy Club in Phoenix, Arizona, some members of the audience started yelling at him. He could not see what was happening due to the lights and thought he was being heckled. When he realized there was an issue, he jumped from the stage to offer his assistance. Turns out a spectator was having a seizure during the show. Jeong looked after her until paramedics arrived. Once he was assured the woman was taken care of, he went back onstage and continued his show.

A fan, Heather Holmberg took to twitter and had this to say:

@kenjeong at Stand Up Live! A woman had a medical emergency during the show. Ken thinks its heckling, when people are asking for his help. He jumps off stage to assist. An EMT helped, too. Then on with the show! Great night! He is gracious and grateful…AND flipping funny!

The woman, who goes by the name Crysti Sammis says that a permanent bond has been made between her and the star. Jeong has kept in touch with Sammis’ family and even tweeted with her son, Robby Sheldon, telling him he was glad his mom was okay. He went ahead and offered the family free tickets for a future show. Jeong wrote.

I’m so glad your mom is okay.You and your family can come to any of my future shows. On me. DM me to arrange.(Offer not redeemable for a funnier comedian’s show)

It is touching to see a celebrity in their human element and to realize that they can put their work on a break to help others. Jeong demonstrates that as effectively as doctors are, their skill is often overlooked and underrated. #Rewordit


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