About Us

Rewordit.org is an organization which is committed towards an overall development of the society and the individual’s growth. Rewordit.org is an initiative towards empowering people by providing positive news and information to motivate them and inspire them to change their perspective towards life and to help them to make use of the power of media in a positive way.

Media today has a lot of impact on us by influencing our thoughts, emotions by providing information. All of us spend a major amount of our time on consuming news and information through different means of media. No doubt it is good to be informed and remain updated about what is happening around us but at the same time we must also know that how to use this information in our lives in the right way.

We must make sure that it does not affect our social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development especially the kids who are easily influenced by such things.

Rewordit Newspaper – Giving a Positive Outlook On News

We focus on providing news and information which encourages the society and have a positive impact on your life to get you motivated. Our online newspaper that is filled with positive news around you and real stories of people that will inspire you and make you rethink about your current place in life.We focus on spreading messages that encourage uplift in the society and inspire the world. Therefore, we pick the news, which will have a positive impact on your life and will help you to get motivated. Therefore we,

• Deliver the news and information to you as it is and not to exaggerate it for making money
• Make use of media in a healthy and a positive way

Rewordit Education

Apart from spreading powerful positive messages through inspirational content we also focus on helping the students and provide education, career readiness and workforce development services. There are many people who are facing economic, educational, and geographic barriers in accessing education and economic development services. They are not able to fulfill the necessities which each one of us deserves, we make sure that to provide them assistance in overcoming those barriers and availing themselves of existing supportive services in areas such as educational programs, and job training. We provide our customers customer with inspirational/positive news and opportunities of internships with college students.

• Communications
• Computer Science
• Arts/Graphic Design
• Film & Video Editing
• Performing Arts

Needless to mention, to develop our society and to improve an overall quality of life of people, education is very important. Along with the education, it is equally important to have the right attitude and motivation to grow in life and this is what we focus on. One must know when and how to make use of an opportunity with a positive mindset.

Therefore, to develop that positive attitude and inspire people we focus on collecting the positive information and putting all the efforts to let you explore your strengths.

Rewordit Inter-Cultural Exchange

Another important aspect that we are working on is to promote inter-cultural exchange and dialogue between the residents of The State of Florida and neighboring communities and other cultures. We want to establish and maintain bridges across cultures which would also improve the education readiness the overall quality of life for residents of Florida, including, worker training and rehabilitation services, school and student enrichment programs, special education and learning disability programs, and other related educationally beneficial programs.

We welcome each one of you to contribute to this great cause and be a part of the team to encourage people, help the needy and spread positivity in the society.