Aaron Friedman and His Committment to Preserve Endangered “Kakapo”


At an age when most teenagers love to spend time discussing favorite sports stars, Hollywood celebrities, or in playing with mobile gadgets, there are a distinct few who want to contribute with their life on tihs planet. It is this passion which develops them as generous individuals later on. It needs one to be a real brave heart with humanitarian qualities if he or she chooses to work on the uplifting of endangered species. Aaron Friedman, a teenage with a mission in mind, did not think twice before extending a hand in preserving the Kakapo parrot, an endangered species. Kakapo is a ratite or flightless bird and has obvious predicaments. Aaron, a student of Middlebook School at Connecticut, developed this mission right in his childhood when he read about the bird; his mission nurtured only in his teenage.

It is vital to note here that there are numerous birds you can tag endangered but Kakapo parrot is such a rare breed that can’t fly or run. Surprisingly enough, it is not scared of animals in its neighborhood, not even human beings. Aaron felt it wise to volunteer time at a city museum and natural sciences centre as a good platform where he could generate awareness about how Kakapo needs help. He already started saving money at every possible juncture so as to send it for the Kakapo Recover Program run in New Zealand. Not content with his scanty contributions, Aaron went a mile extra to raise more funds with the help of friends, family members, acquaintances and whatever source he could.

Little to the poor birds advantage, efforts have not turned out to be adequate. Recent figures show their population is below 150 and marauder creatures like cats are one of the major culprits behind their near extinction presence. But with preservation efforts already on in full swing and caring folks like Aaron giving their best voluntarily, significant growth in the scenario looks possible. Aaron is rightfully proud of his allegiance in this attempt and is happy that Kakapo has an identity now which it lacked earlier.

In the speeches and knowledge sharing sessions about Kakapo, Aaron can’t stop highlighting the peculiarities which isolate Kakapo from all other birds, and why this extraordinary bird must be preserved. “These parrots embrace large wings and the wings stem honey like fragrance. Unlike other birds, they won’t fly away seeing you around; rather they will come up to you and get nose to nose.” His speeches are awe inspiring to those still unfamiliar with the parrot and his concern for the endangered parrot is so deep that it can shake even the most ruthless individuals on earth.

Aaron Friedman has helped a community to unite for this significant cause. Everyone involved has realized the exigency before it is too late, before Kakapo becomes history.


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