A World Course Created by Harvard Professor


A professor by the name of Fernando Reimers, from Harvard,  stated that the world continues to change and the schools would do well to keep up with these changes. The idea that a student can understand the world as a whole should be an educators priority, but the question is…how?

“If we are serious about preparing students to understand globalization, we should treat this the way we treat any other subject about which we are serious,” says Reimers, director of Harvard Graduate School of Education’s (HGSE) International Education Policy Program. “We should have high-quality curriculum. It should be rigorous curriculum and it should provide extended opportunities for students to engage with the subject.”

Professor Reimers actually considered putting together such a curriculum with the help of his HGSE doctoral students by pin pointing the competencies a high schooler should possess in order to comprehend and eventually contribute to the world. The answer? “Empowering Global Citizens: A World Course,” a book he created to help the the educators that were already contributing to this process, but also to those that were not yet committed.

The World Course | Harvard Graduate School of Education

 As a guest on the Harvard EdCast, Reimers took the time to enlighten his listeners on his curriculum designed to uplift and empower all citizens around the world.

Until we see and understand the world as a whole, we will be unable to understand its true beauty, for what makes it beautiful is not the things that lie within our comfort zone. Rather, it is the many different things we have the opportunity to live and experience. #Rewordit!

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