Jyoti Verma, a 58-year-old Indian woman saved 20 factory workers from being burnt to death. She was in her house making breakfast when her neighbor alerted her about the fire next-door. When she looked out her window, Verma saw 10 people crying for help on the third floor of the building adjacent to hers.

Her heroic act involved her throwing her Sari across to the window to allow the trapped people to climb into her terrace. When it didn’t hold, the workers became afraid of the fall and one of them jumped across into Verma’s terrace. To prevent further self-inflicted injuries she ran into the house, rummaged through and came up with a bamboo ladder.

A neighbor helped her set up the ladder and in the next hour, the woman saved 20 factory workers, allowing them all the opportunity to crawl to safety. One worker divulged that the owner of the factory locked up every night to prevent theft. Were it not for Verma’s quick thinking and courage they would have burned down with the building.

“We cannot come up with words to thank them (Verma and her neighbour). For us they were God,” a 21-year-old worker told the Hindustan Times.

This story teaches us the importance of life and what one is willing to do to protect something so sacred. Sometimes we don’t know just how big we are…until a big moment presents itself for us to walk through. With any moment of tragedy emerges a soul that understands the opportunity that presents itself for them to act for a cause greater than themselves. #Rewordit


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