A Winning Streak in the Battle Against Alzheimer’s

Digital image. Phrma.org. N.p., 20 Sept. 2017. Web. 25 Apr. 2018.

There has been a recent discovery in neutralizing Alzheimer’s. A team of scientists at Gladstone’s Institute in California worked directly on human brain cells with successful results with hopes of winning the battle against Alzheimer’s

The scientists managed to identify the gene causing Alzheimer disease. On top of this, they discovered a successful way of neutralizing it so that it doesn’t regenerate. The cell is known as the apoE4 gene. A copy of this gene doubles one’s chances of having the disease, two of these will increase the chances up to 12-fold.

The gene produces a sort of mutated protein that damaged human brain cells. The scientists could use stem cells to correct the gene and halt production of the destructive protein. This eliminates all signs of Alzheimer’s and improves the chances of survival in brain cells.

This is a major step in treating the disease and scientists plan on using the treatment on human patients in the near future. It was considered more successful as no guinea pigs were used but direct human cells; hence, the astounding results.

Scientists win on this one. It is a major milestone in the health sector, and a right step in the advancement of science. The battle against Alzheimer’s may not be over, but the direction that we are now placed in brings much hope. Though we fight for tomorrow, the works that we do today opens a door to endless possibilities.  #Rewordit


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