A Teen who was in Coma Finally Awakes

Trenton finally awakes from Coma/TODAY.com

It was a very amazing moment when Trenton, who was in Coma for a long time, placed in special ICU machines, started moving his head, legs and hands regaining his consciousness again from coma situation in the hospital. His parents had already signed the papers to allow the doctors to donate his organs to other children.

A 13-year-old boy had suffered from an accident that left severe trauma in his brain and it was just an hour before the doctors could stop the life support. Then we can say Trenton is a God-given boy, and his time was yet to come. As for now, he talks, walks and even jokes around.

During an interview with TODAY, Trenton explained himself well, even said how he was referred to as a vegetable, “They told me I’d be a vegetable,” he said, “I don’t really seem like a vegetable, do I?” This was different from two months ago when Trenton was riding in a trailer and a friend on another hand riding a go-cart pulled it up, taking a carve so fast living Trenton flying like a kite on air.

The trailer flipped on the ground where Trenton’s head hit on a concrete surface, landing on his head too. He was taken to the nearest hospital by a helicopter, where the chances of survival were minimal.

Jennifer Reindl, Trenton’s mother said: “I had no idea how bad his injuries were.” Trenton was left with seven skulls fractures from the accident, and the doctors told his mother to prepare even for the worst, as the boy’s vitals flatlined for 15 minutes.

Since the parents were less with ideas, they let it go by signing a piece of papers for organ donations to other children. This is where the family called it a miracle.

They were surprised by how the boy arose from a deep slumber. “God’s got something big planned for that little man, “Trenton’s mother said. This was the happiest moment of their lifetime ever, living Trenton full of life again. #Rewordit


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