A Store Manager was Surprised by Her Millionaire Boss with the Best Maternity Leave Package Ever


It’s already hard enough trying to maintain a couple of jobs in order to make ends meet. But, imagine doing it all while pregnant.

I’ve sacrificed a lot in order to put myself through college. At times working two to three jobs just to be able to put a paycheck that was worth talking about. I did this all while taking four classes and using my bicycle. Working all of those hours and putting in that sort of work can definitely take a toll on you in the long run. But wait a minute, imagine doing all of that while pregnant.

Let’s call her Tami, the store manager for a company by the name of Key West Key Lime Pie Company and a bartender by night. With bills to pay, a child, and another on the way, she was willing to do whatever it took for the sake of her family. When millionaire entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis caught word of what Tami had been going through, he wanted to lighten her load by giving her a six month maternity leave with pay, ensuring her that, upon her return, she would continue running the day to day operations with a guaranteed  $1,000 a week income.

It was only seconds before this man could provide the security the employee had been seeking, giving her a chance at better future.

Sometimes all we need is a chance, a push, just a little hope so that we find it in us to reach just a little further than we could ever imagine. #Rewordit


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