A Sneak Peak at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding

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Eleven days! That is how long we have to wait until we witness the wedding of Prince Harry to the beautiful Meghan Markle, and there is a lot of excitement in the air. Weddings are often wonderful affairs, but very few can compare to a royal wedding. Elegance and glamour with just a hint of magic are what we have to look forward to and we cant wait. There is nothing quite like watching a real-life fairy tale unfold before your very eyes, even if its just on TV.

The happy couple have decided to have their ceremony at St. Georges Chapel on the grounds of the Windsor Castle. The same place where Prince Harry was christened and one which they hold dear to their hearts. The couple was at the forefront of planning their own wedding citing the fact that they want their wedding to reflect their own characters.

The Guests

The royal wedding invitations have already been sent out to the 600 lucky guest, with a modest 200 guests expected to attend the after party at Frogmore House, Windsor. The couple does not have an official list of political leaders on their guest list so it is very unlikely that the British Prime Minister or the President of America will be attendance. According to royal sources the guest list was restricted to those who had a direct relationship with the couple, qwing to the fact that the chapel is rather small and the prince is also not a direct successor to the throne

The Duke of Cambridge is set to be Prince Harry’s best man,opting to miss out on the FA cup final to be by his brother’s side. Ms Markle on the other hand is likely to select some of her closest friends like Canadian stylist, Jessica Mulroney and Indian actress and activist Priyanaka Chopra as her bridesmaids.

The designer of Megan Markle’s wedding dress still remains a well kepAt secret but according to predictions it is likely that Ralph & Russo, a famed British coture company will be the artists behind the dress. The fashion house is known for designing brilliant dresses for A list celebrities like Angelina Jolie,Beyonce and even Meghan Markle herself, having designed a coture dress for the bride-to-be’s official engagement photos. We really can’t wait for the bog reveal on May 9th.

The couples honeymoon destination also remains a well guarded secret and understandably so since the couple will likely be looking for a bit of privacy as the begin their new married life. Nonetheless, i am sure all eyes will be on the couple as they recite their vows before God, the Queen, family , friends and the entire world. We really can’t wait to see it and we wish the lovely couple the very best on their new journey. To a new beginning filled with new adventures guided by both love and passion. To forever. #Rewordit


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