Digital image. Smartron

Smartron launched its first wearable device called the tband that will monitor ECG (Electrocardiography) and blood pressure that will help monitor the overall health of the person’s heart and the fatigue level of the individual. This device will be used in conjunction with the ‘thealth’ app that will help in tracking an individual’s fatigue and stress levels, calorie count, blood pressure and heart condition.

The tband has an IP67 rating that makes it dust and water resistant. The band has an OLED display with a 100mAh battery and is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. This device can last for up to four days depending on notifications and usage.

The tband device will at the end of the day give an individual the overall measurement of the activities according to how an individual has spent his or her day. These measurement will be able to tell an individual how healthy he or she is. According to Smartron’s statement it says:

“Tband helps the user throughout his/her day with customizable alerts for waking up and medicine reminders, DnD option, inactive and SOS alerts, SMS and call notifications.”

The tband is Smartron’s first step towards building the tronX Health ecosystem and will be extended to hospitals, pharmacies as a partnership with the company and will retail for Rs 4,999. What an amazing way to help prevent tragedies while saving lives. #Rewordit


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