A Racist Crime Towards a Black Teen Brings the Community Together

William Ronald Pulliam

While some people fear that Trump being elected may spark a wave of racist crime attacks throughout the country, others have already decided to stand up and take action despite of the election results. That’s exactly what happened last week, within a community in Charleston, WV, not far from Washington D.C. Some people witnessed a cruel crime that was driven by an older man’s racial hatred.

On Monday, in front of a Dollar General store, local William Ronald Pulliam, 62, shot a 15-year-old African-American girl in the stomach, twice. Her name was James Harvey Means, a pupil at a local Charleston school. She had her whole life ahead of her, but now, only a devastated family remains. According to Lieutenant Steve Cooper, of the Charleston PD, the girl was unarmed and there was no physical altercation between the two at the moment the shooting took place.

What makes the case even more disturbing is the shooter’s attitude towards the child. According to local police, Pulliam declared, at the police station, that “The way I look at it, that’s another piece of trash off the street.” Moreover, the man seems to have had a tumultuous past. His precedents with police and locals indicate an aggressive and dangerous past.

The crime might have had a racist basis, as more than 300 such cases happened right after the Presidential result came in, but the community decided to stand up against such violent acts, no matter the skin color of the victim. A night before Thanksgiving, friends and family had gathered to hold a vigil for young James. She is mourned, but her tragic ending should be a wake-up call for any American who hopes and fights for a better future.

William Ronald Pulliam is now in jail, without bail, in the South Central Regional facility. Although this is just the beginning of such a tragic event, more of these crimes are beginning to catch the attention of many around the world and many are beginning to ask for answers. Through all of the current events that have taken place recently, it’s nice to see more Americans come together for a greater cause. It’s nice to see a little light at the end of the tunnel, suggesting that the more we unite, the more powerful we are as a people, as a country, as a world. #Rewordit


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