A Man Has an Inspiring Reason for His 400 Pound Weight Lost


It takes a lot of hard work and dedication for someone to shed off pounds they’ve racked up over the years. This is why the presentation of this man deserves all the attention in the world, as his story is like no other.

With Jesse Shand’s weight maxing out at 700 pounds, he saw no sign of hope for him to get himself together. But it was through his reaching out on an online forum, he obtained all of the support and love he could possibly get. I’ll let the pictures below speak his story into life.

Although Shand had always been overweight, his lost of confidence didn’t help the situation, as things only got worse. He began to spend more time in front of the computer and less time working on himself. 

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Eventually, he ended up staying indoors. With that, he stopped seeing and communicating with his friends and did not shower for over a year due to him not being able to fit in the shower. 

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Due to his weight, he was unable to buckle his seat belt.

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Because of his lack of confidence and his disgust with himself, he started to eat even more. 

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Along with is lack of self-confidence came his lost of faith and the beginning of his depression.

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But the moment came when you took a step in the right direction and posted something on an online bodybuilding forum. What started off as a joke landed him all the motivation and support he could ever ask for. 

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You see, where you are at the moment is only an illusion, but where you decided to go tomorrow is solely dependent on you and how you allow your focus to guide you. Long before you actually achieve it, you’ll have to be able to see it. It’s all wonders from there. #Rewordit!


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