A Lucky Jobless Man Offered a Job by a Famous Businessman

A man who was offered more than what he was asking for/The sun

Ryan Davidson, a 25-year-old, had been looking for a job for two years. As he was walking on his way, he noticed a decent looking and respectable guy walking past him very fast. He was tempted to ask for spare change. The guy stopped and chatted with him for a while, and from his talk, he seemed to be a generous guy. He proposed a job for Ryan in his own paint-coating company in the city. A moment earlier, James Minns was celebrating the anniversary of his wedding together with his wife and the two friends.

Talking with the BBC, James saw Ryan’s big smile and it was irresistible to chat with. James asked him if offered a job, would he take it? “100%,” Ryan replied with a big smile, not knowing what will happen next. In a few minutes time after chatting a little, Ryan had a job in his hands and James described for him where the company was located, shaking hands happily.

Facebook was like a gathering place for many. Unlike what James thought was an innocent post, he found thousands of friend requests and hundreds of notifications when he logged in. He received messages like: “Our county needs more companies like you to believe in people.” And another, “Fingers crossed he takes the opportunity.”

Ryan’s aunt among the facebook people, responded to James when she heard of Ryan’s lucky job. She also left her number for reference. Ryan was contacted on Friday by James to confirm the start time on Monday. He was even granted a lift by a local milkman, Ian Cutts to the job when he saw the Facebook post. Ryan was filled with a lot of hope.

Early the next morning, Ryan went missing. They planned to meet with Ian Cutts at 6.30, but the milkman was not able to see him. That day he was reported to be absent from the job because he had to attend an emergency housing appointment on Monday Morning, and he failed to inform James because his phone ran out of credit. He explained and everyone was satisfied as his excuse was legit.

Ryan explained that his first day on the job couldn’t be better, he had to solve the house emergency, and now he is satisfied. He rose up early the next morning and reported to work. He is so grateful to James. He said, “I love my job and everybody has made me feel so welcome. We’re like one big happy family.”

Many Facebook posts and other social media that have reacted promptly are now offering help for Ryan. James had already opened a fundraising web page for him to have a better permanent housing. Many congratulatory messages have been sent to give hope for Ryan. Ryan, speaking to the BBC said:  “It has opened my eyes to how generous and kind people can be,” he said. “I’ve never met anyone like James – he changed my life completely.” Be one of the kind people and change a life today.#Rewordit


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