A Little Girl Suffering from Two Types of Cancer is a Make-up “Guru”


Talia Joy Castellano is 13 and has two types of cancer, neuroblastoma and recently, leukemia. But her desire to live made her a hero and a source of inspiration for all sick children from around the world.

Talia Joy speaks about cancer in a shocking way. Every time she explains something about her condition, the little girl, who is only 13-year-old, is speaking about cancer as if it was a friend or a gift. Even though for many people such an approach is shocking and impossible to understand, Talia Joy has an explanation. The cancer thought her to see things differently and it convinced her to help other children with similar disease. It also brought her a bit of celebrity.

The teenager from Orlando, US, was diagnosed with a rather common form of cancer among children, but very aggressive: neuroblastoma. She was only 6 years old when she received this diagnostic.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments were stealing her, little by little, the desire of playing with other kids, so, one day, her aunt showed her a make-up kit to take her attention away from meds and disease. In this way Talia discovered her passion for make-up and her talent for public speaking. Her videos on her own channel on YouTube brought her millions of subscribers and fans.the_girl_with_cancer_and_leukemia

Talia Joy Castellano became so famous on YouTube also because of her discussions, painfully honest, in which she explains how to use make-up instead of a wig, in order to distract attention  from baldness and implicitly from the status of child with cancer.

In many of her videos and tutorials she says that “it doesn’t matter if you are bald, you are beautiful anyway” and that a good make-up must be, first of all, a fun thing.

The success of her videos and tutorials brought Talia a pleasant surprise which she found out directly on Ellen DeGeneres show. The CoverGirl company (famous cosmetics brand) chose her as a honorary member, they sent Talia a professional make-up table, make-up products and 20,000 dollars.

Even though she found she had also leukemia, she is eager to continue to make and post videos for her fans and to live life at its fullest.



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