A Kenyan Girl Who Got Popular Record Label Gets a New Name

The Kenyan Girl - Gracious Amani, now known as Amani G/bbc

The SHINE of this beautiful soul singer girl was captioned in a video by RnB sensation, Brit who is from New York as she was caught and blown away by the beautiful voice from a young teen and decided to ask a help from local people to get the girl go viral. It was the first step for Gracious Amani to be recognized.

She incredibly vowed the country with her strong vocal range, surprising everyone, including the prominent singers, by doing a rendition of ‘Girl on Fire’ by Alicia Keys. Everyone now is eying on Gracious Amani, the top social media star after the company signified their delight to sign Amani, now branded a super-name, Amani G.

 “Ladies and Gentlemen…. Join us in welcoming Amani G to the Record Label!” This was a pine Greek announcement. Even then, Alicia Keys, who is among the top American singers, recognized Amani’s efforts through a post on Instagram.

Her efforts will now be reckoned in music as she has been estimated from a number of studio sessions, and she is the best suited in the music industry. Amani G’s recognized talent will now be nurtured to high levels from now henceforth, to unimagined heights, and everyone is in support of her, wishing the best of luck in that journey.

Before Brit came to Kenya, she limited her social media usage to experience the local influencer’s crew and she made sure to post the beautiful moments before coming to an end.

Since then, Amani G has been a social light through her videos going viral, and even collaborating with a local musician, Vivian, recording a song with her. It was so amazing and touching. #Rewordit


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