A 7 Year Old Boy Raises Money for Pediatric Cancer Patients

Dolan, J. (2018, April 12). WLKY [Screenshot].

Bradley Roberts is a 7-year-old boy from Louisville who is dedicated to raising money for pediatric cancer patients in Norton Children’s Cancer Institute.

A year ago, he heard of the Clips for kids’ fundraiser on radio and immediately knew he wanted to help. When asked about his drive, Bradley said:

“I’ve been at the hospital before. I know what it feels like, so I want to help the kids who are at the hospital because I know what they feel like,”

With the help of his family, they built a lemonade stand to start with. Later, Bradley decided to add snacks, as the drinks alone were not racking up much money. He collected more than $1000 at the YMCA in 2 hours.

Bradley’s stand does not have prices; you are just asked to donate what you can. His mom- Tracey Roberts is very proud of the son she is raising. “It’s teaching him that there’s a bigger world outside of ourselves,” she said.

Bradley’s Beverage Bonanza will be at the Fern Creek Kroger on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The fundraising will continue next month at the annual Clips for Kids fundraiser on May 20 at Fourth Street Live.

Michelle Lenz, Norton’s community coordinator said that the money is a real help for the patients. Quoted, she said:

“We pay for hotel stays for families; any basic need that they have, we’ll help those patients and their families as well,”

Everyone at Coral Ridge Elementary is behind Bradley’s drive. All he seeks now is the public to help his dream of raising $1500 materialize. The ability to put oneself in another’s position is remarkable and shows the compassion and love we were brought into this world to share. #Rewordit



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