A 13-Year-Old Student Receives an Incredible Gift from His Teacher


A British teacher was able to save the life of one of his students by donating his kidney to a sick teenager.

The 53-year-old Ray Coe works as a special needs coordinator at the Royal Docks Community School in London. After hearing of the 13-year Alya Ahmed Alik potentially missing school due to a dialysis treatment renal failure, Coe volunteered as a potential donor, reported the London Evening Standard.

“I was just asking what the school could do … when Alya comes back in, do we need to make any special arrangements, and then, I don’t know if you ever get one of those little moments that go through your mind and you think, ‘Well, actually, what can I do?'” Coe told BBC Radio.

Although the chances weren’t great, Coe request that he be put on the donor list. The tests revealed that he was a actually a perfect match for Alya, who, because of having hydrocephalus, had a severe learning disability. Telling Alya made his selfless contribution worthwhile.

“She just gave the biggest hug,” he told BBC. “The look on her face will just stay with me forever.”

The two are now recovering well after the operation that was implemented February, reported the London Evening Standard.

“He has given her more than just the gift of life. He’s an amazing man, we owe him so much,” Alya’s father told the outlet of Coe.


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