$80,000 Surpise Gift For Granny


Unknowingly to Vivian Gallegos, her grand-daughter Stacy Salazar had won a property renovation prize – because of a  Facebook post on a local radio show’s page.

Denver KBPI radio show host Willie B called out to his Facebook fans, saying, “If cash was of no item, what you would do?”  While most people reacted saying they would go to Las Vegas, or take a holiday, Salazar’s reaction stood out. Her response was:

“Replace the carpets for my 90 year old Grammy and fixing all the little things around her house. Just a small thank you for not giving us kids up for foster care when our parents died.”

When Stacy was just seven years old, her mother, a single mom, was murdered. Since there was no one to take care of her and her siblings, Grandma Vivian took them in. Stacy’s grandpa was suffering from Parkinsons disease and spent most of his time in a wheelchair or bedridden, but her grandmother took care of everyone, even after her husband passed away, and money was tight.

Stacy’s grandmother is now 89 years old and her home needs a lot of repairs. Stacy wanted to help her grandmother in buying a new carpet, since the one she currently has is almost 40 years old.

This heart-felt post really struck a chord with the public, and many stepped up to help her out. A group of contractors decided to invest both with their time and money. They worked on the house from December 13th to 19th, a period of six days. On the last day, they handed the house back to Grandma Vivian in perfect shape.

This entire episode served as a reminder that in life, it is not the money that matters, but the emotion and feeling behind our actions. Some may not consider donating time or money to be a very big deal, but for that elderly lady, it was a moment of a lifetime.



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