2016 Marks the Year in Which the Most Women Will Compete in the Olympics


Unlike something we’ve ever seen before, 2016 marks the year in which the most women will compete in the Olympics, as recorded by the International Olympic Committee.

Though women were allowed to play in the Olympic Games in the 1900s, they only represented 2.2 percent of the athletes that competed , which was only a whopping 22 of the 997 present. Out of all the sports, they were only permitted into five. These sports were tennis, sailing, croquet, equestrian, and golf, and out of these five sports, only two of these events, tennis and golf, were solely for women.  On the other hand, men had a total of 19 to choose from.

While things are changing dramatically compared to the past years, women still have and continue to climb this battle of equality among genders today.

Doubling the data from 1976, being 40 years to-date, 45 percent of the total competitors are predicted to be women. This alone is a sign of hope for things to come as 4,700 of the 10,444 athletes, 6.8 percent spike since 2000, are proven to be women this time around.

Now more than every before more events are dedicated to women

A record was set when it was reported that 47.5 percent of all of the Olympic competitions will include female competitors.

All of these changes can be accredited to the constant efforts of the IOC and other advocacy groups that continue to fight for women and their equal place in sports.

Even though there just two Olympic sports back in 1900, this year will feature a record of about 28 women’s sports. In addition to that, women will be introduced to the additional sport of rugby and reintroduced to golf.

While women are slowly finding their way and closing the gender gap that continues to exist, they are still looking to fill in the other roles in making executive decisions. At the moment, there are only 24 of 106 International Olympic board members that are actually women. If you do the math, it shows a percentage of 22.6.

As a man, I am extremely excited about this change because it brings to light the resilience and the power that women possess. This is only the beginning of something beautiful to come. Special thanks to all that helped our Olympian women #Rewordit!