£1,500 Raised for a Cleaner by Bristol University Students to Send Him on Holiday

Mr. Herman shaking with a student in shock of how the money was funded in such extreme/LADbible

Out of good will to treat Herman and his wife’s for a trip to visit their family, the students raised money in favor of him. In his page on facebook, he is referred to as “epitome of happiness”, where over 230 people in support of him donated money.

Herman was not able to control his tears of joy, from his video which was uploaded online, because of the good surprise he received. It was money. The Bristol students accompanied it with a note that thanked him for his positive energy over the years.

The students wanted Herman to know that he has brightened them in many ways and that is why they appreciated him. For 12 years, Herman has worked at Bristol school as part of the cleaning staff.

As students kept praising Herman for his positive traits at school and in respect to his work at Bristol, he urged the Newsbeat to keep away from negative vibes as the students were still studying. The students always speak good things about him and also vice-versa from him to them, blessing them all.

Herman’s appreciation from students didn’t come just like that. It started from a Facebook post earlier on, according to Bristruths Facebook page; an anonymous “truth” page for Bristol University.

The post which was meant to be initially called Herman as “the jolliest man I have ever met,” continued saying that, “if you want a reason to smile, go talk to him for a min or two. ” This is how it started. It happened a day after when Hadi Al-Zubaidi, a 20-year-old medicine student from Bristol, opened a crowdfunding page for Mr. Herman.

Hadi knew from his heart that Herman really deserves more than just conversation, and he was so amazed when he found out that Herman was a famous man, from the funds he got. He told Newsbeat he almost went crazy, he was so shocked thinking the man is short of people.

Receiving the money, to Mr. Herman was out of the blue. He said, “I don’t know if you know that song – ‘Many a tear has to fall/But it’s all in the game.” He had a lot of happy tears in his eyes. You can give joy too. #Rewordit


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